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Shoe Review: Eleven Collection

by Briana on April 15, 2009

Eleven Collection are my absolute favorite shoes for kids. We first tried these out a few months ago with my daughter, who has a wide foot and fell in love with them for their flexibility, durability, and style. I’m happy to say after several months of hard core shoe wearing, they still look like new.

Again, we were able to review another pair of shoes. It was my son’s turn and he picked the Caper. This is a great choice because it is a shoe that can be casual or dressy depending on the outfit. He has been asking every single night since we picked them out when his shoes would be here. So when the box came and we opened it up, he was ecstatic.

As it happens, my husband has created little shoe monsters of my boys. His obsession with shoes has trickled down to their obsession with shoes.  On one hand it is good because they don’t request cheesy character shoes. On the other hand, it can get frustrating trying to buy just the right pair.

Eli wearing the Caper

Eli’s response to Eleven Caper was “These go good with my skinny jeans.” (Side Note: He has a pair of jeans that his older brother and sister tease him about because they are a slim style – but they fit him good and look cute!) He also promised to never throw a fit again and if he did I could take away his new shoes. So I’m excited to be able to share these shoes with you.

You may have clicked the link for the shoe we picked and thought, wait – this isn’t a bargain. Some things like the shoes that protect your little ones feet are worth paying more for.  A bargain is more than the least expensive item. I’m all about QUALITY bargains!

Eli wearing the Caper

Bargain Tip: One thing to remember about buying higher quality products, is the resale value. Since they are of higher quality, they are more durable and usually your child will grow out of them before they wear them out. Thus, giving you a higher resale value if you resale on Ebay or take to a consignment shop.

Reasons why I love shoes from Eleven

Durability These shoes stand up to all the elements. Soft leather uppers with durable rubber soles.

Style A variety of modern styles with fun, bold color combinations. Sometimes you need extra bold to spice up a plain outfit or a pair of classic shoes with a modern twist. Whatever you need, Eleven has it.

Flexibility These shoes are flexible yet give support to your child’s feet. Flexible so you can actually put the shoes on them with little effort. There is NO “break in” period like you have with other shoes. They are out of the box ready to wear.

Ease Because of the flexibility, your child can put these shoes on themselves easy. Even our almost three year old feels big because she can put these shoes on by herself easily. Giving your child confidence and you time!

Eleven shoes are available in whole sizes 9-3 (see Size Chart) and are designed for children ages 3-8. They are a family run company headquartered in Portland, Oregon, who is a sister company with See Kai Run. Prices retail from $54 – $60. Sandals from $48- $60.

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