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Silly Bandz

by Briana on June 4, 2010 · 2 comments

Silly Bandz Princess - 24 Pcs.

We passed out a Silly Bandz to the kids in the Dominican Republic. The kids loved these cheap little bracelets. The kids with us on the trip had fun passing them out to the little ones.

Though, Hannah, was a little afraid that their would be a Silly Bandz war break out between the children. We didn’t witness it if there was.

Now, back home in the United States, my own kids are obsessed with Silly Bandz. I think most of the kids are. At the end of the school,
Silly Bandz
became such a distraction to school children, the elementary school had to ban them from school.

My youngest son, who just turned 6 has been begging me to take them to Gas America to buy Silly Bandz. Apparently, this is the place in town where they sell them.

So today, after weeks of begging, I took him there with this $10 in graduation money from Grandma. They were sold in packs of 24 for $2.99. He was able to buy 3 packs and was sweet enough to let his little sister buy a pack of Princess Silly Bandz.

Are you kids as obsessed with Silly Bandz as mine?

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