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Simple, Healthy Snacks: Snacktrition

by Briana on January 5, 2009 · 6 comments

Snacktrition is an innovative new product. Basically, they take foods such as cashews and almonds, which are already good for you, sprinkle them with key nutrients such as fiber and calcium. They are then oven roasted unlike other brands who oil roast their products. Finally, they sprinkle with sea salt to taste. Since they are oven roasted and not dripping with oil, you can taste the different – the nuts are crunchier and taste more natural than other brands.

Did you know that not all forms of calcium are the same and not all will satisfy your daily intake at the same rate? Snacktrition‘s Calcium and Fiber Fruit Mix contains calcium citrate malate, which is 7% more absorbent than ordinary calcium. The more absorbent the calcium, the strong bones you will build. This is an important nutrient that many woman don’t fufill each day. As well as being healthy for you, the Calcium and Fiber Fruit Mix is a delicious blend of nuts and fruits with melt in your mouth yogurt chips. It blends together beautifully with the right amount of sweet and salty.

Eating foods such as the Fiber Salt & Pepper Cashews gives you ample protein to help you feel fuller. Cashews are already packed with numerous vitamins and minerals and are naturally trans fat free and cholesterol free. 3 grams of fiber per serving will help you get 12% of your Recommended daily value of fiber. These are very interesting with the pepper sprinkled on. If you like pepper, you will love these.

So if you are wanting healthier more fulfilling snacks, then Snacktrition is the brand for you. Simple snacks with amplified nutrition in a quick and convenient form. They have the following varieties available: Calcium Sea Salt Almonds, Calcuim Smoked Almonds, Fiber Salt & Pepper Cashews, Fiber Sea Salt Cashews, and Calcium and Fiber Fruit Mix.

You can currently order these products online at Snacktrition.com. The 3 oz. bags are $2.99, whith the 8.5 oz tubs are $6.99. Buying the container makes more economical sense as it is only .82/oz. when you buy the tub as opposed to .92/oz when you purchase a bag. The versatile containers are resuable – microwave and dishwasher save.

Be sure to enter Snacktrition’s Super Strength Contest for a chance to win a Total Gym or Footlocker Gift Cards.

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