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Softsoap Nutri Serums: Nourshing Body Wash at a Price you will love

by Briana on September 11, 2009 · 1 comment

Soft Soap Nutri Serum

If you are looking for a body wash that will nourish your skin but not empty your pocket book, you will want to check out Softsoap Nutri Serum. Softsoap Nutri Serum retails for just $3.50 and if you watch sales or clip coupons, you can find it a much lower price.

By just looking at Softsoap Nutri Serums, I know it is a different type of product. It is clear with softening serum pearls. After using it, I knew it would be one of my preferred body wash products for this winter. I get really dry skin and by using a product infused with the softening serum pearls and Vitamin E, it delivers a concentrated dose of essential nutrients and hydrators for clean and soft skin.

Softsoap Nutri Serum body wash is available in two varieties: Restoring with Vitamin E and Moisture Retaining with Omegas 3 & 6. Both are in pleasant scents and work to hydrate your skin through the innovative Serum Pearl technology.

But really all you need to know is it really does make your skin feel soft and silky!

Hopefully, you will able to purchase Softsoap’s new Nutri Serum body nourishing body wash when it was free at the drug stores a couple of months ago. If not, you will want to try this new body wash especially since dry skin season is coming up!

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