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Stop Self Sabotage by Pat Pearson

by Briana on January 18, 2009 · 5 comments

Self Sabotage – we all do it. Pat Pearson, in Stop Self Sabotage: Get Out of Your Own Way to Earn More Money, Improve Your Relationships, and Find the Success Your Deserve, offers simple and easy ways to get what YOU want out of life. If you are looking for a quick fix, this book is not for you. However, this book will give you lifelong tools to help you achieve your dreams.

Self-Sabotage. “An unconscious act in which we tell ourselves we don’t deserve the things we desire.” So how do you stop it? First you have to recognize Self-Sabotage. Pearson identifies the five Sabotaging Strategies that limit our lives: Resignation, Denial, Throwing it Away, Settling for Less, the Fatal Flaw.

Once you have identified through the tools in Stop Self Sabotage, Pearson gives strategies to overcome Self Sabotage and raise your “Deserve Level” with tools such as Self-Talk, Self-Release, Self-Nuturing, and Self-Support. Throughout the book, there are many exercises, quizzes, stories, and reflections where you can comingle wanting and deserving to achieve your goals.

Take the Self Sabotage Quiz, If you don’t think you deserve X, because of Y, or want to achieve your goals in 2009 finally, this is a book to check out. It is currently selling for $11.53 on Amazon.com with free Super Saver or Prime Shipping.

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