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Summer TV Shows

by Briana on July 5, 2009

I love the year round new programming trend. Since I don’t watch many reality tv based shows it is nice to have a variety of shows to watch. What summer tv shows are your favorite?

{Bri’s Picks}

The Closer has been one of my favorites since it premiered. This season is still as fresh as ever! Who can resist confessing to a crime when being interrogated Brenda Lee Jones, Kyra Sedgwick. TNT

Weeds is just a wickedly fun dark comedy. Stars Mary Louise Parker. Show Time

Who can resist this OCD detective? Not me – I love me some Monk. USA Network

This “Psychic” Detective Agency show is hilarious and goofy. Sometimes the plot lines are a bit outlandish but it makes for fun summer TV! USA Network

In Plain Sight
Last year, I felt this show was so-so. This year, it is a can’t miss show. I like how the personal aspect has been interwoven in the show. USA Network

{New Favorites}

Royal Pains
This show seems to have potential. I’ve only watched a few episodes but hopefully it will get picked up for a second season. Two brothers building a personal doctor for hire business in the swanky Hamptons. USA Network

Nurse Jackie
Is she good? Is she bad? Jackie takes the Dr. House approach with her ends justify the means approach but she is more caring towards her patients than House would ever be. Show Time

{I Pass}

Saving Grace
I was surprised when this show was renewed. I just could not get into it and don’t get where they are going with the storyline. TNT

The Goode Family
Just not funny and too political for my taste. I prefer to watch the beer drinking red neck version – King of the Hill. ABC

{Where Did They Go?}

The Riches
Where did this show about a grifter family go? It was one of the smartest shows on TV but has keep of fallen off the map.

The show any tabloid reader would love was cancelled. One of my favorite shows, we never learned the fate of the main characters in this addicting show.

What are your favorite summer shows?

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