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Swiffer Wet Jet POSSIBLE

by Briana on August 19, 2009 · 30 comments


I think I owned an original Swiffer Wet Jet. I know I have had it since we moved into this house. While it did the job, so many significant improvements have been made since the Wet Jet was launched.

swiffer-chicksAt the Social Luxe Lounge at BlogHer, Carrie, Andrea, and I had a little fun at the Swiffer Wet Jet Booth. Our true identities have been exposed, this is how we dress up to clean. Feather boas make anything more fun, even cleaning!

After the conference, I was sent the new and improved Swiffer Wet Jet Impossible kit from My Blog Spark. It included everything you needed right down to the sticky jelly to let dry to floor. Shhh….but I didn’t need any extra sticky substances. We have four kids so no extra stickiness required, we had plenty of that to give the Swiffer Wet Jet a good spin.

Some things about the new improved Swiffer Wet Jet I like:

  • Feels sturdier and more flexible.
  • Scrubbing pad REALLY works. My Previous Swiffer WetJet didn’t even have a scrubbing pad on it that is how old it was!
  • Dual Nozzles – so you get a double action spray instead of one long stream.

A little confession, while cleaning, I had the opportunity to test out the scrubbing pad and I don’t even know what I was cleaning but it was stuck to the floor good but with the scrubber pad it didn’t take too much effort to clean it up off the floor.

Be careful with your new power.  I slipped on our floor after it was so clean and smooth! You can see my view from the floor at the end of the video. I just happened to be walking across it with my Flip Camcorder and went BOOM!

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