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T-Mobile G1 Phone: Wish I could keep it!

by Briana on January 8, 2009

Right before Christmas, T-Mobile sent me their new G1 phone to test out. I really, really don’t want to send this back. It was recently made the TIME Magazine Best Invention of 2008 list. This phone has every feature I could ever want and is very user friendly. I currently have a buggy Samsung phone through another provider and the G1 blows it out of the water. First, the touch screen is easy to use and not too sensitive. The buttons are just the right size for my fingers compared to the touch screen phone I currently own. The G1 also has a trackball which is very convenient for navigation. (This is a feature that my husband & 8 year old show had to point out to me!) The screen is large enough to read and touch while not being too heavy or bulky.

Since it is from google, the G1 is fully functional with already favorite google applications like Google map Street View, Gmail, You Tube, one touch google search screen (which my daughter enjoyed googling herself),etc. Google maps synchs with the built in compass on the phone and allows you to view locations and navigate 360 degrees by moving the phone with your hand. Using my gmail account through my phone was very convenient.

In addition, there is text, full web browser, 3.2 megapixel camera built in, music player, pre installed 1 GB Micro SD Memory card, bluetooth enabled, myfaves-enabled, GPS capabilities, voice recognition, voice dialing, and speaker phone. The battery has a 5 hour talk time life with 130 hours standy.

One of the coolest features is the Android Market. Here you can access new and innovative software applications to fit your life. There are many free programs to choose from. My favorite is ShopSavvy, which is completely free to download onto your G1 phone. Shop Savvy is designed for people like ME who want to comparision shop. What you do is use the built in camera feature to take a picture of the barcode. Once scanned, the ShopSavvy will search locally finding your location by using the phone’s built in GPS and online for the best deal. You can watch my video demonstation below:

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