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Blackberry Storm, Verizon FAIL

by Briana August 21, 2009 Electronic

So, here I am at home with no phone coverage. A few months back we canceled our home service and went to cell phones only cuz that is the economical thing to do. It may not be the smartest thing to do if you have a product failure. And I have a product/customer service failure. […]

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EarCheck Review: Worked for us

by Briana March 8, 2009 Electronic

EarCheck Middle Ear Monitor is a first-of-its kind, clinically proven and physician-recommended, home  use device that accurately detects middle ear fluid, a key sign of an ear infection. The device helps parents identify when a child might have an ear infection, when it is necessary to seek medical attention and when the fluid is going […]

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Review: Big Bang Mini for Nintendo DS

by Briana February 23, 2009 Electronic

Big Bang Mini is an updated “old school” arcade style games with stylish colors and entertaining music. It is themed around fireworks, which makes it very family friendly and will provide hours of fun. Using the stylus, you your child uses the stylus to dodge enemy fire and other rubbish and you try to collect […]

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