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Strawberry Shortcake: The Sky’s the Limit DVD

by Briana September 20, 2009 Entertainment

Strawberry Shortcake brings back fond childhood memories for me. You see, I was a child in the 80s when Strawberry Shortcake was at her peak. Shhh…don’t tell but I had Strawberry Shortcake wall paper and sheets. So bringing back this retro lovable doll is a wonderful welcome in my household. My youngest daughter was so […]

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Delgo: Fantastically Animated Adventure

by Briana August 22, 2009 Entertainment

Delgo, a fantastically animated adventure has just recently been released on DVD. Combine a forgotten enemy, a forbidden romance and you get a fanastic adventure. In the first independent film by Fathom Studios, you will see culturally different people in this fantasy land working for the common good. I love animated films and this one […]

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Liam Neeson IS Taken

by Briana March 18, 2009 Entertainment

So, I’m not really chick flick type of girl. I like action, suspense, and mystery. The trailer for the movie, Taken, had me charged. Every time the trailer would come on, I would say I HAVE TO SEE THAT MOVIE. After watching it, the movie did not disappoint. The beginning of the movie appeals to woman in a way that will help […]

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