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Harry Connick Jr.: Your Songs

by Briana October 14, 2009 Music

Harry Connick Jr’s newest album Your Songs takes you back to another place and time. The album is a mix of classic songs from the “good ole days.” Like his previous album, Your Songs is full of Harry Connick Jr. singing known songs with a Jazz big band and a string orchestra. For this spectacular […]

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Kenny Loggins “All Join In”

by Briana September 16, 2009 Music

Stay tuned for a great new family album from Kenny Loggins called All Join In! You may know Kenny Loggins from his rock hits from popular soundtracks like Footloose, Caddyshack, and Top Gun. You may not know that he was the first major rock star to dedicate himself to recording music for children. His first […]

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Kanye West’s ‘Heartless’ by Chris Mann

by Briana April 17, 2009 Music

I can’t believe I haven’t shared this with you here at the Buzz before! But I have told you how much I ♥ Chris Mann? If you followed me on facebook or twitter, you probably would have “heard” me drooling over him. Not only does he have a beautiful face, he has a beautiful voice […]

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Ballas Hough Band

by Briana March 23, 2009 Uncategorized

While I’m a huge fan of pop music, I don’t watch Dancing With the Stars. So starting this review with a clean slate as  I have never heard of any of the people in the Ballas Hough Band. For those not in the know, Mark Ballas and Derek Hough are two fan favorite ball room […]

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Corneille: The Birth of Cornelius

by Briana March 22, 2009 Music

While R&B/soul isn’t my first choice of music, I enjoyed listening to Corneille: The Birth of Cornelius. It is very a very soothing R&B acoustic sound. Soulful and soothing, you will enjoy listening to songs like “Back to My Life,” “All of My Love,” and “Home is by You.” “Music has been the place where […]

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Darius Rucker, Jason Jones, and the Honeywell Center

by Briana March 21, 2009 Entertainment

My husband surprised me with Darius Rucker tickets. I was like “Darius Who?” He then hummed a tune that I recognized. Okay, cool. It was at the Honeywell Center in Wabash, Indiana, which is a place I’ve never been. So we started out eating dinner at Eugenia’s Restaurant. We made reservations the previous week and […]

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