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Bungalow: Cool Storage Options for Your Child

by Briana September 29, 2010 Uncategorized

Get your child’s room organized with these cool storage options from Bungalow. They are on sale at The Mini Social right now.  Includes bins, under the bed storage, trunks, and more including reusable beverage totes that look like they would fit a wine bottle for just $3 – perfect to give along with a bottle […]

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Pendaflex Pile Smart Organization System

by Briana August 6, 2010 Organization

I’m a piler. I like lots and lots of piles. Piles of paper everywhere. This means I have to dig in my piles to find something I need. In swoops, Pendaflex. They have products for pilers like me. Isn’t that great? Organization doesn’t have to fit into only one method. You can write and erase […]

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Office Max Get Organized with Back to School

by Briana August 16, 2009 Organization

Last spring, I was invited to a Web cast with Peter Walsh & Office Max, I recently had an opportunity to join in on another web cast, “Get Organized with Back to School,” which is very timely as my kids just started school this last week and I never feel organized enough. Organization at home […]

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Never Let the Machine Eat Your Socks Again: Sock Sac Review

by Briana February 20, 2009 Organization
Thumbnail image for Never Let the Machine Eat Your Socks Again: Sock Sac Review

You know how it goes, you can’t find that one sock. Where did it go? You know you put it in the washing machine but somehow it is never to be found. Maybe, you find a it months or years later rolled up in your husband’s pants, behind the washer or maybe, your washing machine […]

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