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Axe Style

by Briana September 2, 2009 Personal Care

Even though my oldest son is almost nine, he stinks like he is a teenager. Or maybe he is going to smell worse as a teenager? Please tell me that isn’t true. Since the baby shampoos just don’t cut it anymore and really, they aren’t even cool when you are a third grader, he has […]

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Band-Aid Friction Block Review

by Briana June 2, 2009 Personal Care

Gross, right? That is what my heel looked like after a walk/run a few weeks back. Half way through, I remembered Band-Aid had just sent me some of their Friction Block. Why didn’t I use it, I thought as I hobbled the last half a mile home. BAND-AID Friction Block Sticks glides on similar to […]

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Aventine Hill Bath Emporium Bath Salts & Cleansing Grains

by Briana May 1, 2009 Personal Care

I was recently sent a couple of things to try out from Aventine Hill Bath Emporium. Aventine Hill Bath Emporium was created out of a love for nature and a need for natural and organic skin care products. Shelia Burke and her daughters have created this wonderful aromatherapy inspired company to awaken the spirit, mind, […]

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Basa Body: Nourish Your Body Nourish Your Soul

by Briana April 26, 2009 Personal Care

“Nourish Your Body, Nourish Your Soul” with these absoultely yummy products from Basa Body. Their all natural body products are made using organic virgin coconut oil from wild coconuts harvested along the coast of Kenya. While they are free from the harsh chemicals and parabens and contain no artifical fragrance, color, or preservatives, they smell […]

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Colgate Wisp: Refresh Your Teeth Anywhere

by Briana April 8, 2009 Uncategorized

Here’s the scene. My husband had taken me to lunch. It was Friday so of course, we had the fish special. Once I got back to work, I had lingering taste in my mouth. It was one that even a strong mint or gum could not handle. Not something I wanted to experience all day […]

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Suavenomics – Living Beautiful for Less

by Briana January 21, 2009 Personal Care

Check out my review on Suave products: Suavenomics – Living Beautiful for Less!

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