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Kernel Seasons: No More Naked Popcorn

by Briana January 28, 2009 Seasonings

Love popcorn but think the fat free no butter kind is boring? I have the product for you: Kernel Seasons. Adding appoximately only 1 calorie per cup of popped popcorn, you can have the fun flavors of Kernel Seasons. While you can’t quite count it as a veggie, popcorn is a great source of fiber […]

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Rod’s Rub: A True Dry Rub

by Briana January 19, 2009 Seasonings

Rod’s Rub, created by Rod Brown is an all-natural, low-sodium, no MSG dry rub. It is a true dry rub. Whereas many rubs include heavy salt filters, Rod’s Rub uses only the best ingredients to make their delicious rubs. Available in 5 varieties: Steak Out, In the Black, Citrus Tang, Sweet Mesquite, and Original All […]

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