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Take control of your lists with “Smart Shopper”

by Briana on January 6, 2009 · 30 comments

Get rid of the post it notes, scraps of paper, and your memory with the SmartShopper. The SmartShopper is a electronic grocery list/to do list organizer. I purchased one of these for my mom for Christmas not knowing how well this would work or how well she would like it.. I also received one from SmartShopper to try out and have been quite surprised at its functionality. We are both loving it! It is making my grocery list fun again.

Say it.
Simply press the “record” button on the Smart Shopper and add items to your grocery list by speaking into it. While it comes with over 2,500 pre-loaded grocery items, you can customize it very easily. You would want to customize brand name items or items which may not be in the pre-loaded list. One thing you will note is that you sometimes have to say items in a different way than you think. Don’t worry about background noise either while you are speaking into the list, I’ve had 6 kids running around in my house at one time and SmartShopper was still able to recognize items I was adding.

Print it.
When your list is complete, simple hit the print button and your list is printed in seconds. My kids have had fun printing the list before I was ready for it!

Go get it.
Then take your list, organized by categories and shop!

Since this has a built in magnet and is compact, I placed it in a central location on our refrigerator. This way anyone in the family can add needed items to the list. If someone needs deodorant, then just speak into the SmartShopper and it is added to the list. If I have a coupon for an item, I can specify I have a coupon for that particular item and when the list prints it will designate that item as one with a coupon so money saving coupons are not forgotten.

In addition to adding grocery items, you can keep track of errands with the SmartShopper. You can create two separate lists if want to keep track of your errands or grocery items separately. If you track them together, errands will print at the top of the list.

This is a MUST HAVE product and a great gift idea. Get more organized and save time while shopping. You can watch the Smart Shopper in action below:

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