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Theraflu Warming Relief: Breaks up the Bricks

by Briana on February 16, 2009 · 9 comments

coughchestconjestionreliefsyrupBreaks up the Brick” inside your chest is how my husband described Theraflu Warming Relief: Cold & Chest Congestion. While, I was partying it up at Blissdom 2009, he came down with something. Lucky for him, his super awesome wife, planned ahead and found Theraflu Warming Relief for FREE with a recent Walgreens deal. I had put it in his nightstand with his other meds cuz you know if it was anywhere else he wouldn’t have known we even had it.

So when he started to feel ill over the weekend, he tried it and said it helped break up the mucus in his chest that had felt like a brick and recovered in only a couple of days from his cold. So fast forward to Monday…guess who starts to get whatever this is…ME…So he was totally pushing this drug on me. I was reluctant because I hate feeling drowsy or medicated but he was right. I agree this stuff works and I recovered in just a couple of days. I didn’t feel drowsy on Theraflu and it really feels good going down without any nasty bitter taste like some other medications.

Yet again, another product I tried for free (which I wouldn’t have tried otherwise), and now we are lovers of the product. It is nice to be able to step out of our brand loyalty sphere without any risk.

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