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These Ain’t Your Momma’s Crocs

by Briana on February 26, 2009 · 1 comment

Briana in the Malindi Leopard

Part of our Swag at Blissdom was a $50 Crocs certificate. At first, I thought I would buy one of my kids new shoes. However, that would have caused drama on who I picked and after browsing around crocs.com decided I HAD to have a pair of cute Crocs.

If you haven’t checked out Crocs for awhile, you need to browse around. They have many updated and chic styles. I decided on the Malindi in leopard. (It was actually my third choice but I’m not complaining since they were free!) They are so comfortable just like the clunky Croc version but these are cute! From far away you can’t tell they are even made of the same material as the original Crocs. However, when you get up close you can tell. Loved these! I’m wishing I would have picked a more neutral style, though, so I could wear them everyday.


Oh, and I did end up buying my youngest son (4) a pair of fuzzy Crocs this weekend. We found them on clearance for only $14.97. He had the choice between a Colts pair and the black. He was smart and picked the neutral color and less expensive pair. (There are lots of styles on sale at different retail stores and crocs.com due to the new spring line coming out!)

P.S. Crocs has a blog too – you will see all the great things they are doing all over the world!

Check out the stylish new Crocs and tell me which style is YOUR favorite!

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