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Tilty: A Better Sippy Cup

by Briana on September 25, 2009

We are almost beyond the stage of needing a sippy cup but just not quite there yet. So I was happy when Tilty sent us over a few of their new ergonomically designed sippy cups. There are so many sippy cups out there for you to choose from but rarely do you see one offered that doesn’t have a mess of parts and attachments with it.

Tilty is a two piece cup, which is the cup and the lid. The lid locks into the cup with no valve, which is better for dental development according to the ADA. It is top rack dish washing safe and since it is only two pieces is very easy to clean.

Why is it called Tilty? Because it requires less head “tilt” than other sippy cups to make drinking easier and more comfortable. It teaches better mechanics when transitioning from a bottle to a cup. It is a 7 oz. cup but will fit 8 oz. of beverage in it. A two pack of Tilty cups will cost around $9, which seems to be around the sippy cup industry average.

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