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Tom’s of Maine toothpaste – Not for me

by Briana on December 7, 2008

I recently tried Tom’s of Maine Natural Whole Care Anticavity & Tarter Control + Whitening fluoride toothpaste in spearmint flavor. This is the only Tom’s of Maine product I’ve ever used and I was intrigued by the prospect of a toothpaste made without artificial or animal ingredients or chemicals.

I was a bit disappointed. While, I love the concept of a natural product, this toothpaste didn’t leave my mouth feeling clean at all. The flavor was very slight and the first few days I used it, people noticed white spots on my teeth. I used this for 2 weeks without using another brand and I just couldn’t get adjusted to it.

I still have much respect for this company as they try to be “green” in all processes of their product. You can read more about their environmental practices here. I’ve never heard of a company providing a $4,000 benefit to their employees for purchasing a hybrid vehicle. Have you?

While, I personally didn’t care for this particular flavor, I would still be open to trying another Tom’s of Maine product. A few months back, I believe these were Free after Easy Saver Rebates at Walgreens. Maybe, I will get another chance to try a Tom’s of Maine product!

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