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Trust Me: You will enjoy this new series

by Briana on January 18, 2009 · 7 comments

My second love besides blogging and the internet, is television. Nowadays, with all the blogging, I don’t get much time for it. However, I recently had the opportunity to watch two new epsides of the new original series from TNT, Trust Me. Trust Me, stars Eric McCormack and Tom Cavanaugh in this witty drama series, which centers on the contrasting friends working as partners in a top Chicago ad agency.

Previously seen as Will on Will & Grace, Eric McCormack plays Mason McGuire, a top advertisting creative director. He is quick on his feet but trying to play a nice guy in the cut throat advertising world. He is a responsible, workaholic family man with a loving wife and two children. By contrast, his best friend and writing partner, Conner, played by Tom Cavanagh is impuslive and unpredicatable. The dynamics of their friendship will be tested when Mason is promoted and becomes his “boss.”

Trust Me had me laughing and waiting anxiously for episode 3. If you are a fan of other TNT original dramas, you will enjoy this show – Trust Me. (One more note: You might recognize the Account Executive as Samantha’s doorman on Samantha Who?) Trust Me premieres Monday, January 26th, 2009 at 10pm right after The Closer. One nice thing about cable Original Programming, is if you miss it on night 1, you will be able to watch it several times during the week. Don’t miss this one. Original, witty, with just the right mix of drama.

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