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Website Wednesday: Investigative Mommy Blogger

by Briana on March 25, 2009

Twitter and Bloggy Friend, Kelby Carr aka Type A Mom has a new website called Investigative Mommy Blogger:

Investigative Mommy Blogger has a mission of reviving investigative journalism, but also evolving it. We will take the foundations, standards and ideals of traditional investigation journalism and merge them with the grandiose reach and impact of mommy blogging. The point? To prove that, despite traditional outlets increasingly abandoning important investigative reports that serve readers, it can still be pursued. Consider this Investigative Journalism 3.0.

The first investigation is a MUST READ for parents as it brings attention to serious safety issue posed to children by unsafe shopping carts. Most of us use them with no thought about the dangers they pose. Children were rushed to the hospital over 23,000 times in 2007 alone for shopping cart related injuries.

Proving that journalism and blogging can go hand in hand with the first powerful investigation, I look forward to more investigations from IMB.

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