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Zhu Zhu Pets: Hamsters without the mess

by Briana on August 20, 2009 · 66 comments

Zhu Zhu Pets

Before I left for BlogHer last month, Mom Select sent over a new playset for my kids to enjoy while I was gone called Zhu Zhu Pets. Basically, Zhu Zhu Pets is a hamster playset without having a real hamster to deal with. It was an instant hit with all of my kids. To hear my oldest daughter, who is eleven years old, giggle about a t0y, made me giggle.

Zhu Zhu Pets picturesZhu Zhu Pets is a set of interconnecting play sets. You can add on more sets as you build your hamster play ground. Once you connect your sets, you simple turn on your hamster and let him go or “let him be” as my daughter says. The kids have named our hamster “Bugsy.”

Its much easier to understand just by watching:

Since these pictures and video, we’ve added a few more sets to our collection.It really is fun and since I will never allow my kids to have any pets in the house even a fish, this is the closest they will get to the real thing!

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