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Wii Birthday Party Bash

by Briana July 29, 2009 Video Games

Birthday Parties will never be the same with Birthday Party Bash available to play on Wii. The game comes with everything you need to plan your party including invitations as well as a coupon for Duncan Hines cake mix. You know I’m all about the coupons. This game is very unique from other games as […]

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Wii Pirates vs. Ninja Dodgeball Game

by Briana June 2, 2009 Video Games

Wii Pirates vs. Ninja Dodgeball Game from South Peak Games looks like a blast. It is for ages 10 and up. “In Real Life,” Dodgeball is one of my kid’s favorite activities!

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New DS Game: Big Bang Mini

by Briana January 16, 2009 Video Games

A new game for Nintendo, Big Bang Mini, will be available in stores January 20th. This game, great for the whole family, will give users an opportunity to make their own firework displays. Players send up rockets with a sweep of the stylus while avoiding the burning fallout from fireworks which miss their targets. The […]

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